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Bhi Bhiman – Rhythm & Reason’

I often tell stories in the first person of a polarized figure (or polarized group). Sometimes I feel I need to tell that story, but sometimes that perspective just offers the best opportunities for interesting writing. The current climate in the US and Europe is racially and culturally divided and that plays a big role in the theme of the record. My lyrics are about peoples lives who are affected by politics and social circumstance. They often feel like outsiders looking in. No matter the topic, it all boils down to folk storytelling. I grew up idolizing Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Chris Rock. So nothing is off limits to me and if I touch on something serious, it always has to be crafted in a way that will bring the listener along for the ride. It can be serious, silly or both, but it still has to be catchy. The title of the album, Rhythm and Reason, a play on rhythm & blues and rhyme or reason, is a line from the song The Color Pink