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FrYars “Power”

Fryars’ second album has been a long, long time coming, the years preceding its release being defined by legal wrangling, label disputes and goodness knows what else. Given it’s finally coming out on 17th November, then, it’s fitting that he’s living up to the occasion matching ‘Power’ with a short film of the same name.

‘Power’’s 50-minute long journey into Ben Garrett’s fantastical creation is viewable below. For the most part, it sees Garrett staring flatly at a series of projections, interspersed with mini-scenes and conversations. “I want to make this whole sort of concept thing,” he tells one stranger. “With speaking parts, though a few people have said they thought that might ruin it.”

The album brings together previously unveiled cuts like ‘Love So Cold’ and ‘In My Arms’, all framed under the Londoner’s wildly-ambitious narrative.