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James Supercave “Better Strange”

In 2015, Fairfax Recordings band, James Supercave, made waves combining Sophie Koko Gate’s award winning animation video ‘Half Wet’ with their single of the same name, “Better Strange.” The video, which premiered via Nerdist, is basically “like 90s cartoons did the same drugs that our music is hooked on. Beautiful, bizarre, hilarious;” states the band. Nerdist states that based on this first glimpse that there “appears to be an excellent album on the way with Better Strange…” The track cuts the familiar slam and glam of psych-pop with the odd details that continually throw James Supercave into the uncanny valley of the pop genre: the lurching groove of the bass, the relentless loop of the synth, the shape-shifting timbre of the vocal. “You’re so much better strange. You’re so much better when you make mistakes with me,” urges Supercave in a fit against normalcy. “Better Strange” dare the listener to commit to the mistakes they’ve always wanted to make. “Better Strange” will be available on 2xLP, 2xLP, black vinyl, CD, and digitally on February 12th, 2016. James Supercave will be hitting the road with The Bright Light Social Hour in 2016.