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JoCo “Horizon”

The horizon. A boundary that has magical attraction and we can always look longingly into the distance. Just as the North German indie pop duo JOCO which presents the most dramatic and mitreißendste newcomer album of the year with his debut Horizon.

JOCO consists of the Sisters Josepha (vocals, drums) and Cosima (vocals, piano, guitar), who moved to her musical studies in the Netherlands to Hamburg in order to focus on their own music in the duo. Together look behind the visible and take us on a trip in their very own JOCO sphere: A concentrated on the essential sound universe of powerful piano, acoustic guitars, minimalist drums and distinctive two-part singing.

Horizon, its 13 songs have recorded the sisters in just two days in London Abbey Road Studios, released in June and reveals magical moments, captured in a magical place; with instruments that have already used the Beatles for their international hits. Was produced and mixed Horizon by British Grammy winner Steve Orchard (Paul McCartney, U2, Coldplay, Björk).

JOCO combine text and music to image-rich compositions that revolve clearly audible in JOCO universe a universe that enchants and deep enough into the soul. Welcome to an exciting journey to the point where heaven and earth merge.