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Keeps “Brief Spirit”

Keeps are a band from Nashville, TN, formed in the serendipitous meeting of Gusti Escalante and Robbie Jackson on their first day of college. Writing a song the day they met in a dorm, it didn’t take long for the two kindred spirits to find a wonderful balance of mutual influences. Melding the melody and charisma of artists such as David Bowie, Echo and the Bunnymen and J.A.M.C. with the earnest nostalgia of classic Americana, Keeps soon moved their kaleidoscopic dream pop to the stage. Their confident and emotive energy caught on with locals, and Keeps’ were quickly tapped to open for trending artists such as Tennis, Alex Bleeker, Coin, Craft Spells and more. Now, with college finished or put aside, Gusti and Robbie are prepared to release their debut album ‘Brief Spirit’. The record, self-produced over a handful of long nights, is filled with the strong melody, power, and atmospheric arrangements fans expect live. What listeners may not expect is a hint of the magical kinship so wonderfully realized in their live performance that makes Keeps a truly special band.