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Kntrlr “The Great Filter”

Charles and Michael are KNTRLR, the production duo behind The Great Filter – out on Goodnight Records on February 24th. The LP expands their sound just as well as it expresses their maturity, both in music and in life experience. The men behind KNTRLR have evolved, but their backgrounds may belie some of the pensive lyrical storytelling of their best songs. From love and death to loss and family, the sum of the band’s life experiences has created a darker collection of songs. Michael is raising children, and the untimely passing of their close friend and The Great Filter sound engineer Jim Bentley has no doubt affected the songwriting. “XXX” is the first single from their new record, and the strong confidence in the sound they’ve built is obvious; the life experience has served KNTRLR’s music well.

If The Walkmen joined with Death Grips and toured brothels, we have something like the sound of KNTRLR’s debut LP The Great Filter