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Superfood “Don’t Say That”

The Midlands four-piece are one of the prime reasons that new British guitar music is looking in such fine health. New single ‘TV’ is a frenetic opener, razor-sharp and soaked in melody, it erupts from the speakers with an artfully-crafted college-rock sound.

Formed out of chance meetings and enduring friendships, and soundtracked by whatever was playing out of the all-night warehouse parties they spend long weekends at, Superfood’s formation to becoming a buzz name in venues and on blogs across the UK has been remarkably swift.

Recorded at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, the record was produced by Al O’Connell and mixed by Steve Osborne and James Dring, and includes singles ‘Superfood’, ‘TV’ and EP track ‘Melting’ as well as a host of new material.