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Teeth & Tongue “Give Up On Your Health”

Teeth & Tongue’s fourth album Give Up On Your Health is an electrifying move into synth based territory for Jess Cornelius and her band. As the sounds on the album get more experimental, the bolder Cornelius becomes as she invites listeners into the engrossing urgency of her vignettes.
Opening track Give Up On Your Health is Blondie meets Ladyhawke as layers of synths are revealed and the narrative unfolds via Cornelius’ beguiling vocals. On Do Harm Cornelius imparts wisdom on the importance of letting things go, while Your Ghost Is The Hardest To Kill tells of the anguish of being at the mercy of someone no longer part of your life.
Cupcake Revisited takes an older song and deconstructs it to become a slow burning electronic vision, with Cornelius’ vocals in full control of the song. Meanwhile, the monster romp Dianne demands to be listened to on repeat and as loudly as possible, serving as the most infectious track on the album. Are You Satisfied? is constantly questioning with Cornelius’ doubts and insecurities coming to the surface, while Callback’sghostly backing vocal emphasises the song’s lament. Closing track Turn, Turn, Turn’s swirling outro is one that fully immerses, but just when you start to lose yourself Cornelius comes back to the mic, menacingly yelling “Give me what I want,” in one breath and ending the album on a thrilling note.
Give Up On Your Health is a masterclass in synth laden indie rock, with Cornelius embracing a real sense of fun and taking things to an exciting new level. Never has Cornelius’ songwriting or vocals been more powerful, and even though she’s this far into her career, there’s still plenty more she has to show. Truly a musical chameleon, Cornelius has rejuvenated Teeth & Tongue and released one of the most compelling albums of the year.