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The Afternoons “Say Yes”

Artwork by Shepard Fairey ( Obey) Afternoons are led by Brian Canning and Steven Scott from the band Irving who were part of the era-defining Ship Collective in the mid-2000s, along with Silverson Pickups and Earlimart, and played with Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Broken Social Scene, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Of Montreal and many, many others. While Irving never officially broke up, Canning and Scott started Afternoons and bandmate Alex Church formed Seawolf. With only rough demos to their name, Afternoons achieved what many bands dream of and landed a major label deal and touted as the next big indie band, followed by what every band dreads, questionable label guidance, a name change (Shadow Shadow Shade) and a fantastic album that flew unsupported and criminally overlooked. Fast forward to the now as the band returns as Afternoons releasing the songs they intended all along. Soncically expansive yet lyrically concise, ?Û÷Say Yes?Ûª includes some of those early Afternoon demos which gained the band fans, radioplay, local press and that label deal, now reimagined by the band and remixed by Aaron Espinoza (The Ship, Earlimart). Starry-eyed at times, sardonic at others, and ever and always a Mass Spectacle, just as Afternoons wanted all along.

  • Say Yes