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The Delta Riggs “Dipz Zebazios”

However you pronounce it, Dipz Zabazios is a hell of a record. Following on from their critically acclaimed debut, Hex.Lover.Killer, The Delta Riggs have self-produced a rhythmic second record that most bands spend a career trying to make.

Utilising simple percussion and building around it with electric riffs and frontman Elliot Hammond’s Britpop vocals, opener, It’s Over, whets the palate for the smooth buzz of the sonic grooves on the tracks to come. The second track on the record, hit single Supersonic Casualties, then wraps itself about your ears. You might then want to take a break before the continuous head-rocking of second single, The Record’s Flawed, threatens to give you a strained neck two tracks later.

The superbly juxtaposed combination of the stomping beats of From My Mould and the slower-paced, urban harmonies of Ornate Delicate Creatures follow. After this pair of tracks you’ll probably find yourself shaking your head in disbelief that a record could make you swoon like this.

No Friends, a ‘90s-style hip hop track serves as a well placed exhibition of The Delta Riggs’ varied talents and influences, which include The Roots and OutKast, and comes as a nice intermission between the two halves of more guitar-centred tracks.

There’s an energy within the band when a jam session goes particularly well, and Dipz Zebarzios is that jam session captured on record. In fact the only fault you’ll probably find with the LP is that Dipz Zebazios is an annoyingly hard title to remember when you’re recommending it to your friends.